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By sourcing fish from small fishing boats in Cornwall, we can use whatever is available, often introducing species that have long been ignored until now.

If your fish-eating habits have become a little boring, why not try something a little different from the examples below. And if you are stuck for an idea as to how to cook it, check out the recipe page.


Underused by the British, and highly sought after by the Spanish, Hake is beginning to make a comeback. A relative of Cod, yet with more flavour, and slightly more delicate flakes, Hake is a very versatile fish which must be tried. Baked in the oven with pancetta, or in a chorizo and tomato sauce, yummy!


Best from the cold waters of winter, when they are plump and full of that wonderful orange colour, a bowl of mussels with crusty bread is a must. Please see our ‘mussels with harissa’ recipe, it’s a must! Our Mussels are sourced from Cornwall, Devon and as far afield as the Shetlands, which enables us to bring you the best quality throughout the season.


Our Mackerel are always Cornish Dayboat; if they aren’t we won’t bother! This ensures a freshness that this fish requires to make it a simple, inexpensive supper, full or goodness from those healthy, natural oils. A favourite simple recipe of mine is to grill the fillets with a light smothering of grainy mustard on the flesh side, delicious!


Every year I eagerly await late May, early June as this member of the salmon family becomes available to us. It is highly sought after for its delicate flavour and wonderful texture and lends itself to many varied cooking methods, though simply poached with a tarragon mayonnaise is fine by me! This classic fish only has a very short season, blink and you’ll miss it.